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    Dayz community looking for more!

    PuBu Overlord
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    Re: Dayz community looking for more!

    Post  Joeltron on Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:56 pm

    Joeltron wrote:All have been notified of their app status up to this point.

    If you have posted before this and not received a private message from me, please send me a p.m.

    PuBu Hooligan

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    Re: Dayz community looking for more!

    Post  Glocklan on Sun Dec 16, 2012 1:47 am

    Hey guys, my name is Glocklan and it is In-game aswell. I am an avid DayZ player. And im rather good when it comes to piloting ^.^ We had a real big setup previously on the server which was fun. I work with Appa, Quackums and chelly and so which I hope to continue.

    Age: 15
    Location: Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia

    Recommended Squad Occupation: Driver, Pilot, Assault, Support

    Hobbies: Soccer, Computers, Vehicles, Travelling

    I played on this server for a while before it went to Namalsk. I only just got back from my holiday so I didnt realise I had to register. I am a fair player, I only shoot people when compromised and let new spawns go on their way all that kind of stuff. So yeah I hope I get accepted Thanks!

    I have teamspeak and mic and everything I also have my own server so.


    PuBu Hooligan

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    Dayz app

    Post  SocialDiscord on Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:14 am

    Hey guys SocialDiscord here, I've been playing Dayz from about the beginning give or take a month.


    Occupation: Chef

    Location: Australia

    Common Dayz Roles I play: Chopper pilot, Recon, Sniper support.

    I'm fairly busy irl so I'm only on for a few days of the week, mostly early (ie. sun to tues).
    Some hobbies of mine include Bushland skirmish, Trail bike riding, pc gaming ect(Dayz and eve being the main two atm) and anything that catches my interest.

    I have been playing on your server for a few weeks now and its definitely the best community I've played with.

    Definitely looking forward to seeing you guys on Dayz soon.

    jimbob mckracken
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    Re: Dayz community looking for more!

    Post  jimbob mckracken on Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:37 am

    Hey fellas,

    Jimbob Mckracken reporting in.

    Age: 31

    Location: UK

    Common Dayz Roles: Bullet Magnet, Morale Officer, Getaway Driver

    I play fairly often and I'm good friends with SocialDiscord, apart from when he crashes choppers into really obvious bits of scenery.

    I played on the server before it became passworded and really enjoyed it.

    Look forward to shooting Zeds with you all.


    {7th} Jordan
    PuBu Hooligan

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    Re: Dayz community looking for more!

    Post  {7th} Jordan on Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:43 pm

    Hello my name is Jordan but my ingame name is {7th} Jordan

    Age 12 (Mature enough to play)

    Location: Canada

    My role in DayZ: Sniper,Night ops and scouting

    I like to play fair and be friendly if no one messes with me i won't mess with them that is how i play DayZ

    Looking forward to killing those zeds and keeping chernarus safe with you!


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    Orcbacon Recruitment

    Post  Orcbacon on Mon Dec 17, 2012 10:51 pm

    I am a student.

    Age:12 and a half

    Recommended Squad Occupation:rifleman

    Hobbies: games

    I live in Vancouver,Canada and cannot get enough of dayz, it is such a thrilling and heart beating game, I like small squads of 2 or 3, as I always say: '1 is lonely, 2 is suspicious, but 3 is the number i trust.'

    I cannot promise i will be getting kills left and right but I can promise will have a great time playing. Although it might be you having fun while I am possibly getting feasted on by zombies haha.

    I hope I can play with you, I hope to see you in game soon


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    Re: Dayz community looking for more!

    Post  Dinosori on Wed Dec 19, 2012 9:43 pm


    Squad Position: Sniper, Spotter and qualified Pilot

    I have been playing Dayz since it first came out and i have loved it ever since i first started up ARMA2. I am very skilled and am a friendly person but i will not hesitate to retaliate. but most of all i like to have loads of fun.

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    Re: Dayz community looking for more!

    Post  Dmitri on Wed Dec 26, 2012 5:04 am

    Age: Old Enough
    Squad Pos. Anywhere u put ME
    all that said see u on server side Peace!


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    Application- PB Warfare ~DayZ

    Post  ThisGuyForrest on Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:26 pm

    Hello my name is Forrest, I had recently decided to get back into the DayZed. And was directed to this group by a Tradesmen I met on TF2outpost named "Chelly." He's my only foreign friend at the moment, (Australia) but I hope with joining this DayZed group I can make plenty more.
    Age: 22
    Squad position: Negotiator, have talked my way through/out of trouble in DayZed. Mostly by gifts.
    Occupation: Resource management (associate) for a small company known as Water Resource Management (WRM Inc.)
    I live in the U.S. state known as Arizona near the southern end.
    Can't guarantee perfect negotiations everyday of every minute, but I don't kill on sight. Smile only if they fire on me first.


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    Re: Dayz community looking for more!

    Post  PandaPants on Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:46 am

    Age: 15
    Squad Position:anywhere im told

    I live in the U.S in a state of New Jersey. Ive been playing games about zombies for a while now, ive played dayz for a little while, and ive been doing well. Ever since i was 10 ive been watching shows and movies about zombies, i know how to get in and out of bad situations and im a great shot, every bullet will land.

    Noose Induce

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    Re: Dayz community looking for more!

    Post  Noose Induce on Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:42 am

    IGN: Ralf Peacock

    IRL Name: Joe Peacock

    As a note in teamspeak I don not mind being called either Joe or Ralf Very Happy

    Steam Name: LongTimeNoSiege (Subject to change)

    Other Aliases (if you see these, it's probably me): NeonLink, Noradz4 (Playstation Network), JoeFanz/(i), and FatherFanzi

    Game Related Information: I have played ArmA 2 + OA as well as the minor addons for about two months before my brother turning me onto the Dynamic Zombie Sandbox multiplayer mission, which eventually lead to a google search for other mods, which lead to me discovering the quiet popular at the time DayZ. I am extremely adjusted to ArmA's sluggish controls compared to some other games, and can navigate with ease and finesse. As far as DayZ goes I usually only play with a buddy via Skype or a group (such as a goon clan my brother is in that has accepted me quiet nicely) in a teamwork-containing fashion.

    Other information pertaining to application: My family runs a local computer/computer repair shop in a large college town, and are extremely lenient as far as my screen time as long as I am doing something moderately productive or interacting with others, and even still they don't mind me being on more than 10+ hours a week.

    The dreaded Age: I have re-written this section several times, but have decided to just stick with a simple answer: I am fourteen, and I sound like a fourteen year old. However, I will note I built, operate, and maintain my own computer with no assistance to give an idea of my patience and ability. I know this will not effect whether or not I am accepted that much, or at all.

    Addition Info/Hobbies: I have been looking for a community to join up with, and really look forward to a response. I also own a PlayStation 3 (Username previously noted) and mostly play Dark Souls and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 definetly not Call of Duty so I won't play with you unless you ask. I also play MineCraft (modded, mostly) and listen to bands such as SeBADoah and Neutral Milk Hotel. I am fluent in English, that's it. Thank's for reading through this, I know it caused alot of pain. I live in a GMT -6 zone, in America to be specific.

    Recommended Squad Position: None Very Happy I am willing to do any operation or role. I am best with a long range semi-automatic assault rifle.

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    Re: Dayz community looking for more!

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