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    DayZ Server Rules

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    DayZ Server Rules Empty DayZ Server Rules

    Post  Joeltron on Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:28 am

    Server Rules

    0.Rule zero, the most underused and overlooked rule. This is a community, treat it as such. Even if people in the game are targets, you still need to treat them like they are a part of your gaming group. You can shoot you gaming group, if you played 007 on nintendo 64 you know this to be true. So be respectful of others in the server even if you are hunting them just for that adrenaline rush.

    1.No voice chat on the "Side" channel. We have a teamspeak you can ask your friends for help in.

    2.No griefing. If you come across a camp, don't destroy what you cannot carry. If you have a UAZ, don't shoot someone driving in a bus. and so on...

    3.Be a respectful combatant. Ties in with "Rule 2" Don't do things like hiding a body so the owner can't get back what you couldn't or didn't want to carry.

    4.Racism, religion, or politics, are not topics that are allowed in the "Side" chat. Leave it out of the game.

    5.If there is a specified "Safe Zone," PvP is not allowed in or around it. Camping the exterior of the Safe Zone will result in a Ban.

    6.If you get killed fairly, accept it. Don't rage. This is a community whether they are on your back or in your cross-hairs.

    7.Don't be an idiot. If you join the server and show us all how annoying you can be, you will quickly receive a ban.

    8.No Combat Logging

    9.No voice in side chat.

    10. No non-member advertisements.

    11.Remember, if you win all the time, you don't make those memorable experiences. The times you remember the most are those when you are defeated. You reflect on what happened and what you could have done differently. Remember this when you are defeated. Without loss, what would you have to gain? This isn't really a rule but it is important.

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