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    Admins and moderators Empty Admins and moderators

    Post  Joeltron on Tue Dec 18, 2012 2:07 am

    There is only one Admin. That is Joeltron.

    Moderators are chosen within the community to help "Moderate" the server.
    They can chose to go unannounced as a moderator. This way you never know when one is online.

    When you see "Admin" talking through the console, this could be a moderator. They have the power to kick/ban and are expected to never abuse it.

    If you ever feel you have been mistreated by a Admin/Moderator. Please just Private Message Joeltron here on the forums. If it is Joeltron who you feel mistreated you, well then you may just be out of luck if you aren't willing to talk civilly.

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